For the men who want to live their fetish up in lights – literally – Breedwell is the underwear you’ve been waiting for. Are you willing and ready to push the envelope in some seriously sexy glow LED accessories? Read More...

Dirty clothes for dirty boys – get lit with Breedwell

Showstopping. Sexy. Unforgettable. Be that boy who lights up the party in Breedwell. With a no-holds barred approach to their sleek style, this beloved label offers a complete collection of jockstraps, g-strings and men’s mesh underwear to red-blooded Australian men, courtesy of DailyJocks.

Controversial yet hot. You have more in common with Breedwell underwear than you think.

Light up the night and stand out in the crowd with Breedwell

Wherever your lifestyle choices take you, Breedwell is ready to come along for the ride. Whether it’s dancing in a float for Mardi Gras or taking to the dance floor at your local rave, their LED accessories don’t have an on-off switch: they’re up and ready to go, just like you.

From GLOW LED jockstraps to LED pouches, shoulder harnesses and more, show off your best ass-ets in Breedwell. You know you want to.

H3 Underwear to take you from mild to wild with DailyJocks

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Buy Breedwell fetish harnesses online from DailyJocks

Be one of the first to experience Breedwell glow harnesses – they’re the only LED harnesses available on the market! We know you’re excited, which is why we offer fast and discreet shipping to anywhere in the world from our head office in Australia. Each order is placed in subtle packaging for your privacy - after all, everything is more exciting when it’s a secret, right?

Taking just 2-4 business days from dispatch to door, every purchase over $50 also comes with tracking, so you can literally tick off the days on your calendar in breathless anticipation until your package arrives at your door.

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