Come on and be a team player when you try on the designer underwear brand that’s known for performance and style: Varsity. Whether you’re an active participant or like to sit on the bleachers and observe the play, the latest collection from Varsity will get you in the team spirit. Are you game enough to try on these varsity briefs? Read More...

Get game-ready with Varsity briefs, jocks and shorts

How you look and feel on the field is just as important as when you’re off the field. Varsity briefs ensure incredible comfort and maximum performance – so you might never want to take them off! Ideal for the gym, parties or even relaxing around the house, you’ll definitely grab your teammate’s attention in these cute briefs. 

Want to stand out even more? Take it to another level in the Varsity field mesh briefs – these definitely pack a powerful punch. A single layered pouch emphasises all the right curves, while allowing your prized possessions to breathe due to the modern nylon micro-fibre material. When you’re in Varsity underwear, you’ll get the right amount of support no matter what play you’re running. 

Sexy. Powerful. Strong. And we’re not just talking about the briefs!

Varsity underwear for the team player

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