Looking for the perfect intimate partner? We’ve got just what you need: supportive, flexible and good-looking. Of course, we’re talking about our briefs, jockstraps and tanks from our men’s mesh underwear collection. Read More...

Mesh underwear for males 

Give yourself some room to breathe with our luxe range of men's sexy mesh underwear. If you like that naked feel of perforated mesh, you'll love what we have to offer. Our mesh collection is surprisingly supportive, extremely comfortable, and just looks hot (did we need to state the obvious here?)

At DailyJocks, we live and breathe the motto that “less is more”. Our designer mesh underwear isn’t for the shy ones: to be able to handle these dangerous curves, you need to have the confidence to show off your best assets. Whatever you’ve got in mind after hours, we know that our underwear will make you feel like a real man.

Men’s mesh underwear will take you from mild to wild

Flamboyant. Daring. Sexy: that’s our men’s mesh underwear in a nutshell. Literally. Choose from our large range of high-quality men’s mesh underwear to match your taste and lifestyle.

Whether you're down at the gym, preparing for a busy day in the office, or ready for a night on the town, you’ll be glad you’re in a pair of our breathable mesh underwear. Made from premium quality cotton and viscose elastane fabric, we’re betting you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. 

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When you’re looking for statement underwear that will elevate your normal everyday style to the next level, then you’ve got to get into a pair of men’s mesh underwear. Buy your mesh jockstrap, g-string or briefs online from DailyJocks and enjoy feeling cool and dry with the right amount of support and mobility.

We’re all about convenience and discretion, which is why your underwear box will arrive on your doorstep in a discreet package. We also ship to most international locations from our head office in Australia in 2-4 business days. Best of all, you’ll know where your package is due to our tracking of items over $50.

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