The Anatomy of a Pair of our Designer Mesh Jockstraps

Jockstraps: from intimidation to staple wardrobe item

If you’ve never tried a jockstrap for business or pleasure, then what are you waiting for? We mean, who wouldn’t want all their sexy bits wrapped up and packaged in a way that wows (that’s a rhetorical question: we know you do.)


What other item of clothing can you wear that will provide plenty of support, is comfortable to wear, and – sure, why not – is guaranteed to turn a few heads in the locker room? That’s right: we’re talking about none other than a jockstrap.

A short history of the jockstrap

Originally designed for neither comfort, protection or sport, jockstraps have certainly enjoyed a dynamic history. In fact, their story begins in Europe during the Middle Ages where men would accentuate their groin region during hand-to-hand combat and trade agreements with a codpiece (as you would.)

Fast forward a couple of hundred years to 1874, where some VIP from a Chicago sporting goods company got the idea to design them to actually, you know, be useful. Now, men could cycle over the cobblestone streets of Boston without crushing their genitals. Genius!

From there, it only got better. Enter the perforated hard plastic or steel cup that accompanied the jockstrap and was worn as protective gear for intensive sporting activities like basketball, soccer, and AFL. Soon enough, every locker room was filled with bare-assed athletes who were no longer afraid of rough-housing on the field.

Nowadays, jockstraps have transcended the sporting field and are now the fashion icon that we all know and love today.

The anatomy of a pair of our designer mesh jockstraps

Jockstraps are primarily used to cup and support your genitals, but we think that this invention is deserving of something more fun. This is why we’ve designed mesh jockstraps, which don’t really leave much to the imagination (but is anyone complaining? Nope, we didn’t think so either.)

Made from modern nylon microfibre material, they accentuate all the right areas whilst still allowing your most prized possessions to breathe. Did we mention that they also lift and support the butt? Fabulous.

Lads, let’s remember that our designer mesh jockstraps aren’t meant for the field (well, not that kind of playing field.) If you’re looking for all-star sports apparel, we’ve also got that variety.


Who should wear our designer mesh jockstraps?

Our designer mesh jockstraps are definitely not for the wallflowers: if you want to make an impression on a date, at the office, or even on the dance floor, then our jockstraps are the way to do it.

Here’s other reasons why you might want to slide into one of our jocks:

  • You get really good support
  • Very minimal coverage
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Emphasises your package more than any other style
  • Added confidence of knowing you’re wearing sexy underwear

Glam. Flamboyant. Daring: that’s our mesh jockstraps in a nutshell. Literally.


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